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Since June 2009 we, that is to say Verena and Andreas Gufler, manage Guesthouse Restaurant Rosmarie and breathe new life into the house. Our stated aim is to allow you some memorable days of rest and recreation. The surrounding landscape with its gorgeous beauty, the fresh mountain air, the unscathed nature and its fauna will do the last thing. If we can top your wellbeing with our dishes we are looking forward to see you come back for another holiday.

We both passed successful the cookery school, and we gathered experiences with several high-level and excellent restaurants. In addition to that Verena has been two times national champion of South Tyrol in a cooking contest and achieved the third place during the world championship in Helsinki.

Andreas’ parents, Karl and Monika Gufler, have been managing the local guesthouse "Garni Firn" since 1980.

Verena and Andreas with Nadine and Marie Gufler